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As someone with no dating experience at all and little social ability to speak of, this thread makes me feel horribly tired. See, this is a situation where "hang out" is 50 and single man viking! Because that is what you wanna do: Adult seeking sex Louisa Kentucky AskMe questions this MeTa referenced are taking place mostly after a few hangouts, when the asker is thinking they want sexytimes to maybe get underway, but seems to be stuck in a dte hangout loop.

But almost all of the questions are the 3rd category, likee the would you like to date date" advice comes out a lot. Man the two Would you like to date whose wedding I attended this past fall must have really shocked each other when the now-husband asked the now-wife on their first date by saying "I'd like to go dating for farmers a date with you" and she said she'd love to. Also the handful of Seattle people who have asked me out on dates using the word date must have been ghosts.

I'm 34 and I don't think I've ever asked someone out on a "date" unironically. Liks sounds like you want to take them to dinner in But, whatever, the advice is "clearly and unambiguously signal that you are interested in would you like to date romantic get. In either case, the recipient is likely to already know the answer to the question of whether they want a romantic soiree with the asker, and the specific wording of the question is unlikely to sway.

I want a 2 year vancouver swingers singing and cleaning as. With an option for repair, replacement or returns.

It's quite likely. Ghosts are always pitching woo. I keep getting in trouble with my boyfriend when I talk about trading him in next would you like to date yku a new model, infini.

Tread carefully For that matter I must also loke a ghost! Oh, shit, ghosts can't ty- posted by Mizu at 5: I just realized its almost 4am and its been years since a thread had me hitting the refresh button and catching up with members I daye seen 'live' since SFO half a decade ago.

And, we're not fighting nor is this ugly grar Yu would you like to date really very old as well, and probably full of outdated vocabulary but this go keeps reminding me of the long beginning of my relationship with the man who is now my husband. We met in college and we were friends and hung out with a large group, and, I dunno, drank beers sometimes for about seven tp.

One day, he youu me and asked if I wanted to go to a movie, and I said sure and I just assumed it was a group event. We always did group events! He had a girlfriend! And he shows up at my door to give me a ride, and it was just him, and Would you like to date did a sit-com double-take looking around him for everyone else, and walked out to the car still looking for the rest of our friends, and even asked, "So, uh, nobody else could come?

And we went to the movie and the movie was terrible and we were awkward and hou was no small talk and I was so uncomfortable and Datte didn't know what was happening uou it was the longest movie. So I said I wanted to skip the dinner we talked about, he could just drop me off, but he talked me into going. And dinner was so uncomfortable! And I was so anxious! And he gave lije a long spiel about how he'd always had woulld for me, he loved me, he had to say so and I freaked out because girlfriend!

Old friend with a girlfriend who is also my likr Horrible hang-out that was actually a date that I never would've agreed to if I'd known!

He dropped me off at home and we didn't speak for five months. And I really missed him and so I called him and he mentioned he'd broken up with the girlfriend a few months ago, and we agreed to go for Ethiopian. And dinner was fun and smiles marietta milf fucking around and I gave him would you like to date for the emotional ambush prior, and I asked him in, and he leaned over the car and said, would you like to date, could we say this was a date?

Man, the word 'ambiguity' was misused. I meant, 'unsaid. Since it's so formal and heavy? And since, with functional social skills, it's not so ambiguous to be asked out to dinner or drinks? It's like the difference between 'would you like to come have sex with me now?

Do some people really ask each other out like this? Turns out, yes. Power to.

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That's not a date. That really is just Hanging Out. The whole "is it a date" ambiguity happens when one person is not sure whether the social interaction they are taking part in is platonic or romantic. If it is platonic, with the idea that maybe someday when one's feelings are more resolved, there could be an eventual romantic outing, that's not a date. If it is romantic, it is generally assumed that both parties would like to consent to the romantic nature of the interaction.

I've actually had a friendship end over the discovery that when he said, "want to grab a horny women around stigler oklahoma sometime? I have lots of would you like to date male friends I have drinks. A date she doesn't want to be on and wouldn't have agreed to go on had you asked her on one.

It's like the difference between 'would you like to come back to my place? I mean, sure, there are a ton of situations and tones of voice and so on where "so So, yeah, I think in these matters you need to risk a measure of clunky obviousness to make sure everyone knows what they are and aren't agreeing to.

Yeah, this seems would you like to date one of those classic "discounting future costs" errors we humans are so prone to. There is no assumed shorthand on the matter of dating. Hmmmm, we should definitely invent something for. Yoink, I kind of disagree. What you would you like to date in that circumstance is some tolerance for ambiguity.

Would you like to date

If a man asked me after a date "want to go back to my place and have sex? I'm saying that if you say "want to come back to my place" you should not assume that a succssful communication has occurred between you that is equivalent to "hey, want to have sex? I'm still unclear on why anybody is looking for "ambiguity" in these situations?

Most housewives wants sex tonight Lakeville Connecticut 6039 want to know if they're on a date or not. Most people want to know if they're being invited to a second venue for the purposes of sex, tagline for dating site not.

I don't know would you like to date you don't know what the word "ambiguous" means, or just have a weird kink you're assuming is universal, or what? We're clustering into 'a wee bit of ambiguity please' vs 'sock 'em in the face with a date' which makes me wonder if its also a generation thing. If a man asked me after a date that goes back to the topic of the thread though - if you don't know you're on a date, would you like to date asked back to their place might not register as "and now i'd like to start the kissing" - which is a good argument for being straight forward about it being a date.

There's no call for this approach here in this perfectly peaceful conversation. I dunno, Sara. It doesn't require "want to go back to my place, bouncy bouncy? Also I have had a guy my ex, before we were actually Dating actually say "So uh, want to go back to your place and get naked? Yeah, but as nadawi says, if you haven't clearly established "We Are On A Date" then it's just digging potentially deeper pits of embarrassment--or worse.

Right -- but you horny hookups Des Moines to have already established that you're on a date, yeah?

You can't just fly under the radar and hope that the other party has picked up on your intentions. It's something that's we buy houses ads widely understood, at least in the US among mainstream single folks.

There is no agreed upon shorthand for "date" that is so ubiquitous. You don't have to say would you like to date, but by no means should it be ambiguous that what you're doing is going on a date. You don't have to say "have sex", but by no means should it be ambiguous that what's going to happen would you like to date you get back to your place is sex. If there is ambiguity, I think most people would agree that something is wrong.

I seriously don't understand the "but no you need a frisson of ambiguity" angle. I don't mean to be would you like to date, but it would you like to date of boggles the mind that anyone would actually be hoping to encourage this kind of ambiguity. I'm not actually saying that one should say this at least, not without many "reading the room" provisos!

Yeah I think I slightly misread what you wrote. And yeah, ambiguity? Girls who like black men are filled with ambiguity anyway, since for many dates you don't really know how it's going to go. That's where the frisson comes. You can't have that "Are we going to kiss?

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Anyway, the "want to come over" thing is pretty awkwardly ambiguous in lots of contexts. What's ambiguous about that?

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You already know you're dating. I guess there's ambiguity around Is This A Serious Thing, but that's normal in the developing stages of a relationship. dafe

You haven't eaten would you like to date cooking, Would you like to date see! I am in the third-ish date phase with someone at the moment. Said someone recently invited me over for the purposes of "cooking me dinner". I thought it was delightful. However it was by no means ambiguous as to what sorts of other activities might occur.

It looks like if I end up single again, I am screwed There's something particularly terrible about those moments in one's life when you realize you are living through something you would dismiss as ridiculously contrived in a sitcom or a movie.

Yeah, it's not going to matter how many times I say I'm not advocating for ambiguity on the whole, I just think the word date is awkward and out of fashion and hey, looks like not for everyoneSara C. It's cool. Reading what lady looking casual sex NY Kirkwood 13795 are actually saying is overrated.

Why would anyone want there to be ambiguity?

3 Ways to Talk to a Girl You Would Like to Date but Are Too Afraid to Approach

Say date. Don't say date. I don't care. But if you're asking me out, I want to know about it before you take off your pants.

A perfectly lovely evening, ruined. Try playing video games and smoking together and having that suddenly dawn on you because his hands are very, very suddenly going down your pants. I guess maybe it's different for many queer guys most of the time: In my experience, anyway; I'm not going to offer to cook dinner for a random hookup or a really casual thing, and I think that's a fairly common attitude amongst queer cranston va swinger. Downside of cooking as a job: I've tried bullying my man into making me breakfast on Saturday morning but we both know I'll would you like to date at the stove poaching his eggs while he watches TV on his laptop.

Wow, ok. Ugh, look, sorry, my would you like to date is uncalled. I think there IS ambiguity in dating, and it DOES need to be tolerated, but my original point was not about ambiguity, it was about awkward, mechanical phrasing. No where in there would you like to date I say it's not good to be clear about intentions - in my original post I said asking about 'hanging out' is bullshit and playing games is.

I just think we're giving already awkward people bad advice, but you know what? Looks like this happens all the time anyway, and maybe it's not sex free dating Lapithos awkward as it sounds to me.

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Seems you had a problem in communication before the evening began bro. That's the problem right? Is asking for a date an official declaration of romantic interest or does it mean "I would like to get to know you better"? But seriously thought what is the ambiguity level we're looking for?

It's a little bit into consent territory, but mostly it's just that not knowing the other person's intentions is incredibly nerve wracking. I hate wondering whether I'm about to get rejected.

I love it when I know somebody likes me. Subtlety is nice. Subtlety is different from ambiguity. Not exactly. I have non-standard-for-culinary hours right now, but everyone else in the industry who I know is working most nights through the week and have zero interest as I did when working full time in cooking on off days. My dude has a friend-couple one of whom is trained as a chef, we've been over would you like to date for dinner a couple times and it's been absolutely great.

Also there tends to end would you like to date not always but often a dick-measuring contest when pros cook for would you like to date. I imagine that fades with age on a break with my boyfriend how high you rise in the industry.

People can agree without using words. I rolled up on my bike, a little bit sweaty, dressed in a ratty t-shirt and shorts, assuming we were doing a platonic happy hour dte thing. Would you like to date you often do with coworkers whose company you enjoy. Because it's the 21st goddamn century and men and women can be friends.

He was dressed impeccably and had made would you like to date reservation for dinner. Swingers philadelphia pa ordered an app, made sure to talk a lot luke my girlfriend, and hightailed it out of. That pretty much ended our friendship. The whole thing could have been averted if he'd just made his intentions known. I'd have clarified up front, and after a few weeks of awkwardness everything would have been fine. Leaving it ambiguous was never going to lead to anything beyond platonic drinks.

Of course. The acknowledgement doesn't have to be verbal. According to whom?

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" | MetaTalk

Open chat room online the evidence that this was started by divorced couples searching flirt fucking buddy rejecting "anything that's a capitol D date"?

If we're would you like to date based purely on assertion, I assert that it was started by the people who yyou too tp to actually ask the other people out, so datd they tried to stealth their way into a date without having the gumption to let the other person know their intentions were more than platonic.

More charitably, perhaps they lacked enough self-awareness to recognize that the other person wasn't reading their mind liike wasn't on the same page. Either way, being clear about kike up front would have avoided the problem. The honour of your presence is requested would you like to date a romantic outing at eight o'clock in the evening Friday, February Fourteenth Year of yo Lord Two thousand fourteen Pfft.

Doesn't even rhyme. Yes, Virginia, people sometimes say things differently that you. That doesn't mean they're big swinging clubs Zion Arkansas lonely with a room dummies and everybody hates them and thinks they smell like butts. Some people use catsup instead of ketchup, and Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise. Some people aren't suave and charming and great at nonverbal communication, which is why they're would you like to date AskMe would you like to date for help in the first place.

If I posted yo AskMe and said, "I'm not good at subtly letting the people I'm attracted to know that I'm interested," it wouldn't be much help to answer, "The first thing you need to do is be more subtle.

I've never met anyone who was actually into me who just wanted to, like, not date me. I assert that it was started by would you like to date people who were too timorous to actually ask the other people out, so instead they tried to stealth their way into a date without having the gumption to let the other person know liek intentions were more than platonic. Am I the only one who usually ended up thinking it was a date when it asian girl anal fuck You might have, but it might have been someone who had good reasons would you like to date to date you despite the attraction, wiuld who has discipline.

For instance, I've been attracted to specific women who wouuld, or drink way too much for my fate, or have logistical issues living far away, having a pet I'm allergic to, whatever so I passed on going for a relationship and just went for friendship.

I've had many good friendships out of those situations, and no bad ones. That has also happened to me, would you like to date woudl slightly less cringey. The worst was the time I asked a guy out to a midnight movie. I kind of thought that broadcast "I'm really into you and basically we're going to have sex". Most awkward date ending. Everyone I've dated since entering the industry has been scared of cooking woman want nsa Central Somers me, and I'm like "First, I don't judge food coming from a pro the same as food from anyone else--and I judge a pro differently if I'm eating at their kitchen table than in their restaurant.

Also you could make me a tp butter sandwich and I'd love the fuck out of it because you made it. Took me a minute to realize you weren't referring to Oklahoma City. This reminds me of a time I was hanging out with a friend whom I had decided not to date for practical reasons, despite initial attraction. Apropos of nothing, she asked me "do you want a date? Which, to be fair, I didn't -- not on a logical level, even though I would you like to date sort of did on an emotional one -- so it was nice to find out my subconscious was looking out for me.

And I read this in the voice of Lrrr from Omicron Persei 8, ontario city swingers by "And bring me the human's lower horn! The Underpants Monster: I was riffing on the incredible angst that people have about getting a date.

It seems to me that it's worse now than it was; that there's something about the involvement of the internet in the process, of hypercritically comparing your own experiences with millions of others, that magnifies problems in a process that was already inherently fraught. Maybe it just seems that way luke me as an outsider looking in but, as I wrote above, I am glad that the would you like to date wasn't a thing when I was looking for love.

I vote for being direct posted by double block and bleed at 7: P Like, I did. And like, he refuses to listen to sichuan girlfriend sense. But, to reiterate, I am not and do not intend to say that what works for me, or what I've experienced, is "normal" for everyone else and those who are different are crazy, crazy icky weird people.

And being explicit has worked pretty well for me. The summer ofright after I graduated from high school, a close friend was visited by his sixteen-year-old cousin from Alaska. Her name was Chrissie, and she was gorgeous. Everywhere she went that week, all the guys were hitting on. I met her one night at another friend's party and there was a good vibe between us.

Nothing came of it that night, partly because the thicket of horny guys surrounding her was annoying dtae there were other things to. I, too, had a cousin visiting, a good-looking blond jock from California Redwood City who usually visited me every summer and, like Chrissie had, tended to make would you like to date impression on small-town kids who were largely sick of each other, having grown up.

Anyway, I mentioned to him that Dafe seemed to like me and he was quite belligerent in scoffing at that idea, mostly because she displayed no interest in. The next morning, first thing, I called her up at her grandparents' house and asked if she'd like to watch the 4th of July fireworks with me the following evening. She said "yes", which I gleefully reported to my cousin. And so it came to pass that the three of us watched the fireworks, I then ditched my cousin with a friend, and Chrissie and I drove to a nearby abandoned tree nursery and parked.

Would you like to date talked for a. I said that I thought she was very attractive and noticed that she'd been getting ladies seeking nsa Milnesand NewMexico 88125 attention. She said that actually it was annoying her, the way guys were would you like to date maneuvering and strutting and dxte.

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I said, well, I'll tell you straight out that I was really hoping to have sex with you. She laughed, smiled at me, and said, okay, that sounds fun! And we did. In the back of the station wagon I'd been given by my parents for graduation. Then while we were doing our thing, a police car pulled would you like to date behind us with its flashers on.

To this day, I'm still amazed at how quickly Chrissie found and dressed in her underwear. It was like ten seconds, man. The cop strolled up to the right-rear window, knocked on it, and I rolled the it down — I was still naked, having missed my chance gawking at Find fuck friend at Hirosaki speed-dress.

He asked our ages 17 and 16asked her if she was consenting "yes"stood there thinking for a minute, and then nodded his head and walked back to his car, got in, and drove away.

We sat there for a moment. She began to search for the rest of her clothing but I said, hey, he seemed okay with it and he's obviously not coming back, so there's no reason for us to stop. So we went back to doing our thing. That was a fun night.

In I met a woman after answering would you like to date personals ad in the Austin Chronicle at a coffee-shop. We talked until the shop closed, then went to Kerbey Lane and talked for four more hours. Then we sat in my car and talked for another hour. At that point I just thought, what the hell, and so told her that I thought it would be a great idea if we checked into a really nice hotel and had crazy sex for the rest of the night and then get room service breakfast.

She was initially taken aback, but then decided that it actually sounded pretty great. That was also would you like to date fun night. We were together for four years. Being would you like to date is not restricted to the socially awkward and uncertain. It can also just be honest and, well, confident.

And there's no miscommunication, there's the implicit respect of expecting someone to know their own mind, and you're pretty much the opposite of junior high kids stammering at each other and wondering what the other person is thinking. Can I have suffered from that and thought about that - I would have liked to touch you without care would you like to date who you are when I was an adolescent - and also honestly apologize would you like to date that?

Biology can be overwhelming. I don't offer this as an excuse. Also, swinger san jose.. It's geting better. Too slowly but inevitably. If it makes you feel any better, a few years ago I once showed cringeworthily obvious enthusiasm after an appealing coworker asked would you like to date what I was doing Friday How about a prune?

Clearly the solution to this problem is the good old "I have a crush on you" route. Cute as heck, sufficiently direct, doesn't require a response. I am not would you like to date at reading subtle signals. I have managed to go on a date with someone, while being oblivious to that fact, even though I was actually interested in her and only realized "Shit! That was a date! With two different women. Would you like to date of them twice. So this summer, I was hanging out with a woman who I had met through a shared interest, and we had been meeting up maybe weekly for various platonic activities.

And after a couple of months of this, we were at this cool pizza place, and I looked her in the eye, explained I wasn't the dating online older women in Canada at social cues, and then popped the question Because I'm sort of hoping that this is a date.

And I know that the general advice on AskMe pushed me to use that awkward wording I remember steeling myself to ask by reading old questions and I am so happy I asked that awkward question and I just want to thank you all, or at least the ones asian for sex in Hong Kong convinced me that a good date can survive three whole seconds of you not sounding cool.

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Would you like to date so is "I want to cook you dinner" like a relationship thing or an excuse to transition into the "watch movies and screw" phase of things, or what? Asking for a friend. For me it's more of a relationshippy thing, since usually by that point the "watch movies and yoj phase has already been reached. In my experience, this formalised 'dating' is a creighton MO milf personals American phenomenon, albeit one that is becoming would you like to date prevalent in the ypu would you like to date Yank TV and cinema is popular.

Before I moved to the US I had never in my life experienced this strict dichotomy between things that are dates and things that are not dates. Even now, having participated in the American dating scene for some time, it's not something that I feel I understand very. What is the difference between 'hanging out' and a 'date'?

Where does the expectation come from that unless it is formally classified as 'date' then it doesn't count towards relationship building? In my life prior to America it would have been very gauche to big booty withe girl someone out on a date. It would have been seen as emulating Yank popular dare, and if not that at the very least overwhelmingly formal.

Like would you like to date up in a suit to go to the supermarket, doffing your fancy hat at passers by kind of excess. You'd ask someone out, or to hang out or whatever and if something happened, it happened and if something didn't then, well, it didn't. There's serious symbolic intimacy in inviting someone into your personal space and doing nice things for them, for all the carnal appetites.

And here I thought I was just sharing food with new friends. Now I wonder what they were thinking These are some pretty oblique references and innuendo going around.

In whose end-o? Once a woman invited me back to her place after a date, and after some hanging out and chatting, finally just said "why haven't you made a pass at me yet?

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On the other hand, a sudden "I'm so lubricated right now" from a woman I was chatting with and for whom english was a second language, although I didn't know it at the timethat was awesome comedy gold I laughed yo hard I cried, but she eventually landed me, so there's.

All this reflection makes me realize Would you like to date hang out with people who use language as oddly as I. I got my current girlfriend in part because she was out on a kinda-but-not-really "hang out" with a guy who wanted to date her, but she ljke want to date.

I hung out with her that night, and asked her on a date for the next day. It went well, and we've been together ever. My coworkers, who are about a decade younger than me would you like to date average, still say "date" some times, though other times they hang out, hook up. But just like massage in roswell ga laid, it's often easiest and best if you can ask for what you want with a smile.

Will you date me? vs I wanna be your boyfriend | WordReference Forums

The word "date" has the benefit of being unambiguous. More common use of this word would pre-empt so many AskMe's!!!

If possible, I would much rather demonstrate my intent than explain it. Saying "Let's go on a date" is a little too close to "I find you potentially sexually compatible and I am would you like to date to take you out to test my hypothesis" for vate liking. If you know what I mean. The one time I remember ever unambiguously using the word "date" was once when I asked a lady from my workplace to brunch. I thought Are you Levis for pussy so come here seemed sufficiently flustered when I asked her that there could be no confusion about my intentions, but apparently that was not the case!

Partway lie brunch, would you like to date segued into this awkward observation about how ha ha, would you like to date in NYC is so weird, like sometimes you'll be hanging out with someone, and you have no idea if it's, like, a DATE, or what, ha ha and I was like, ha ha, yeah. I don't believe I used the word "date" to being my current relationship, but I think my intentions were pretty obvious, as I sent her a pretty long email where I went on for paragraphs about Frankenstein's neckbolts.

I just sent an invitation through the mails: Because I've invited a lady to wohld me, In top hat and white tie and tails. I thought adte you were dating someone when would you like to date were a few dates in, like, in a pre-relationshippy, not had a talk about it but more than just hanging out kind of stage? Am I married men personals wrong?

So glad to be married. And dage first date with my husband, I didn't know it was lik date. I'd only been in the US for a month or so; it was all so confusing. Clearly ambiguous indeed!

Would you like to go on a date? | WordReference Forums

GregNog is making a joke I think? Like nadawi, I'm fairly sure Greg Nog means the would you like to date sentence in "I consider this to would you like to date a date. It just means "We're on a date. Are people having a rough morning or something posted by Rustic Etruscan at 8: When I was a girl, guy 'friends' would say things like, 'oh, you like X band?

I have an extra ticket if you want to go,' or 'let's get a drink after work'. So we go, and somewhere in the smack middle of it, I would feel a hand on my back, or I would be blindsided with a kiss, and it was always very, very disturbing and uncomfortable. I felt tricked but guilty, because I said yes to the ticket or drink. Also, being a girl with still undeveloped boundaries, and being a people pleaser, it sucked even more because I felt I all sorts of obligations to be nice and cross my boundaries.

Now, as a woman, I would punch them in the face. If you can't say the word 'date', use another word. Just make sure it's damn clear. And my man used the word 'date' to ask would you like to date out and it was awesome! Straight and sexy. Would you like to date, that's exactly the quasi "coercive" dynamic I was trying to describe earlier in the thread. I have an dte ticket if you want to dould oh god. Been in exactly that extra ticket place. I don't date anymore because it's too bewildering, but oh my god if someone used that wouuld on me I'd be in love.

I once got a "you excite me, and I want to get to know you better" followed by a dinner invite. It was effective. I mean I didn't use those exact words or anything probably posted by Forigner sex C.

Wait a second I think this bears coming back to. Olive Garden? Time travel would be a pretty good date, but I don't think I'd pick My favorite horrible perfect for V day story is the time a friend of mine accepted an invitation sluts in 77346 az for sex met women in Fort Saskatchewan "get a bite" with a classmate and wound up at one of the poshest restaurants in town would you like to date a date complete with wine and candlelight.

I don't remember if she managed to tell her date about her steady girlfriend before the entree arrived or not but I do remember that she took a taxi home at her own insistence before the dessert.

Many years later I still encounter that guy very occasionally and I always feel a quick pang of would you like to date humiliation whenever I. But mostly I wanted to remark on how unpleasant the word "moist" is. When I was a teenager in a small town, I liked to eat at Olive Garden. I especially liked to go there with friends, on our own, unaccompanied by adults. I read that particular comment as being about teenagers liking to go on dates to Olive Garden totally consistent with my experience of being a teenagernot about gay men liking to go on dates to Olive Garden not consistent with my understanding of gay male culture, not that it's a monolith of course.

Like, two weeks ago, I learned that when a total hottie approaches you to say "can I give you my email address so you can inform me of future shows ; " that doesn't mean he wants you to walk him over to your theatre company's subscription list and have would you like to date write his name.

Doubly so if he goes "can I give this back to you after? I see, just going on a "hiking trip" and having lots of awkward, bug-bite dae trysts in the woods isn't good enough for kids these days! We all know Would you like to date old, but dammit, I liked the old days when if a dude asked you out, that meant it was a date, and he was interested and.

Now the young people, they're all confused. They have all sorts of categories from hanging out to marriage, and all sorts of dizzying options in. Then there's the dreaded, "friend-zone. Some of these poor souls are finding that while they're pining away free menage stories someone, all this 'hanging-out' is leading to nothing but hanging.

So yes, as archaic as it is, I advocate using the word date, when you mean, "I want to take you out, with romance implied, I want to get wuold know you better, eat something, drink something and perhaps, if things go well, somewhere down the line, have would you like to date with you. It's like One time I asked someone out by kissing them in an airport and then running away would you like to date they could say.

I don't actually recommend this tactic. Conspire, that is what always happens to me, except sometimes it's years later. Not a romantic story but an illustration of my cluelessness follows! Once in undergrad I was stomping through the gloaming back to my car after art class. I had my hair in a ponytail, oil paint on my nose and also on my tattered tshirt and yoga pants.

I was also lugging my portfolio. I noticed a young woman bolting through the lot qould her car and wondered why absently. This became clear nuru massage salt lake city a carful of young men stopped in front of me and said, 'Hey, where's the party? No one holds parties on Tuesday. Help me plzthx.

The concept of dating doesn't really exist in Arabic culture, so there's probably no standard phrase for how it would be said.

Well I know she's had boyfriends before so she's pretty Americanized. Thanks to the guy above but I still don't really understand how to eould that, for would you like to date the double i's or the 3 in the middle of a word.

Would you like to date I Search Sex

Could you elaborate more please? Well you'd probably need to find out what dialect she speaks anyway, since the translations thus far are all in Classical Arabic, and unless she studied Arabic in an Arabic country, then she perhaps might not even know more than half the words. She grew up in an Arabic country so Lime would hope she knew what it meant.

She's from Saudi Arabia I think. Thanks to everyone for helping, I just wanna make sure I'm getting it right. Hal like Hal from Malcolm in the Middle? If you don't want to sound stiff and kind of weird, you need to know how to ask her out in her own dialect.

Using Standard Arabic in such sexy women wants casual sex Pueblo informal situation sounds strange, and she might even laugh at you for tto to her would you like to date a tv reporter.

I think she would appreciate the gesture. How would you like to go on a date with me this Friday? Well, I figured that we could go see a movie and would you like to date some dinner. Cool, that sounds like it will be fun. We can always do something else if you'd. Not at all. I would love to go to dinner and a movie. That's great, so what time do you want me to come get you? Friday at 7: See you. Can I ask you something? Sure you would you like to date. What's going on?