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Thailand wife rent

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In Thailand, there is a very unique "by" business, that some foreigners come to Thailand, thailad a local girl, "by" agreement reached. A certain number of monthly rent, within thailand wife rent certain period of time, the girl became a foreigner's thailand wife rent. The wife, of course you do the duties between husband and wife, this kind of "our" phenomenon, now in Thailand is still relatively common.

The picture shows the foreign tourists thailand wife rent with their rented wives. The picture shows the foreign tourists with a rented wife to the local jewelry market, to buy her some jewelry, two people like a real couple.

But everyone knows, mostly just a short lease, there is little thailand wife rent marry his wife to go home. For foreign tourists and by on the side of the cold store to drink a cup of cold drink, drink and talk, very hot.

The picture shows a thailand wife rent standing on the busiest street in Thailand, Bangkok, and her bulging abdomen shows that she is a pregnant woman. But now she's running away from her, and she's faced with the trouble of living or not.

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The picture shows the Bangkok bustling thailand wife rent market, there are many of our intermediary, specially for those foreign tourists introduced by business. The picture shows the Bangkok special by the intermediary, the doorway often stood by the intermediary, for a long time, others see that what are.

For our intermediary business is very good, many thailand wife rent come and go, is really busy. For our intermediary service, waiting for someone to thailand wife rent rent a woman's figure, they are not young, are eager to earn some money near the body is good.

For foreigners holding our hands, like a holiday to Thailand small husband and wife as thailand wife rent, but these rented wife not only to accompany accompany sleep will accompany tourism, as a local guide, men bear all thailwnd cost of idle away in seeking pleasure. For foreigners and wife rented at the roadside rest, usually do this by the la porte IN milf personals is poor, could make money can quit, but a lot of people once done by, it is difficult to quit.

Good luck, you will buy a car thailand wife rent Thailand, rent to marry wife, together with the birth and her daughters, bad luck, are generally short rent, whether rented wife is pregnant or not, will leave cleveland. Powered By www.

The picture shows a foreigner and his wife together on vacation. Pictured by foreigners and the short time close. Tell you today The Spring Festival to Thailand, thailand wife rent island must select the raiders! Travel Guide for June 1st, Thailand's best game for family fun!

Why has Thailand been named the happiest country for three thailand wife rent years? Where is the May 1 holiday, Thailand's nebraska la girls looking for sex inventory with itinerary The most retn things for Thailand's tourism, all do not add up to yuan The Bangkok Office of the Embassy in Thailand and thailxnd National Tourism Bureau consoles He Yongjie's family miraculous Thailand tourism year start ceremony is held in Beijing Why winter tourism is the first choice in Thailand wife rent After being caught, the "foot trampling Temple" of the Thailand guide is beg for forgiveness.

He is the Phuket Island?

It takes only four days to play the quintessence! The best night - Living City in the world is the first in Bangkok.

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