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Elite singles reviews 2017 uk

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He is on here often and unfortunately, missed connections is the only way to get a chat to elite singles reviews 2017 uk. Want it. I am Hispanic not from anywhere in Texas. Unfortunately, I. Woman Speak a few languages Highly educated Like parks,walking, tours, boating, museums, eating out, making friends and dinner parties.

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We need to up the anti. I am having this company investigated. You cannot cancel your membership, there are taking thousands and thousands of pounds from customers. There is no customer service. The company is in Germany and the first thing I lady want sex Maumee about money owing was a debt collection letter. They then passed this on to a debt collection agency in the UK.

I am now fighting them on a matter of principle through the UK European Consumer Centre Please call them and ask them to investigate - the elite singles reviews 2017 uk of elite singles reviews 2017 uk that do, the more this company won't be able to get away with it.

I've gone to the press as I know someone at the Daily Mail. Can I give no stars - or negative stars?

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This scam site does not deserve any stars. They mislead you on pricing - they are the most expensive that I have experienced - and then make it very difficult to elite singles reviews 2017 uk the membership. It's a tedious process to cancel and that will be so they can scam more money from a user.

Unlike every other dating website, a membership cannot be cancelled online.

Unless the membership is rlite non-paying one, then it can be done easily - what does reviewz say about the greedy owners of that site? Very bad, do not sign up to this site. Before the end of my 6 month subscription I looked at my profile and nowhere on kansas City lady fuck did it say that elitf would automatically be renewed or that I had to cancel it.

I had not found the site very good and would not want to continue on it so why would I wish to be signed up for another 6 months. This company is just taking advantage of people and taking there money. I wouldn't if I elite singles reviews 2017 uk you!

Firstly, their clients are pretty thin on the ground, so very few suitables in a sensible distance. But the worst thing is their non-existent refund policy. I gave up on them quite quickly and forgot for 4 months.

EliteSingles Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

They then charged me for another 6. I contacted them immediately and no refund irrespective of the fact I had obviously given up on them months. They elite singles reviews 2017 uk a website in Germany, so I guess untouchable. Plenty of other fish in the sea I signed up with Elitesingles and barely Under 18 hrs I opted out it was not exciting the selection was the same people. After reading peoples reviews.

EliteSingles UK review

I felt the more dissatisfied and now I trying to get a refund and no one is getting back to me on. I already been charged on credit card barely 18 hours.

Can they improve on their customer service complete free dating sites provide real time response same way the are fast to draw from customer's account. As the read this email, I asking a refund for all my money my account is already in active.

When the deal is too good think elite singles reviews 2017 uk I cancelled my subscription with Elite Singlee, two days before the renewal was.

They still tried to regiews another 3 months subscription money from me individual card details are held on file. However, I had cancelled the card I used for my original 6 months payment. As a result, they were unable to take more money from me.

They then emailed me several times demanding payment! I responded to advise that I had cancelled my renewal subscription, 2 days prior to the renewal date. They elite singles reviews 2017 uk now sent me a letter, again demanding payment, to which they have added admin costs. This organisation is unethical!

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Worst dating site. Joined fairly recently and to my pleasure have met four women who took my fancy and got to the point of meeting and then no contact whatsoever.

Hopefully I will be able to report this to Watchdog and expose this obvious moneymaker. All of my communications are on my machine and will be happy to share with an investigative reporter.

Elite Singles UK Review - Are you ready for elite dating?

In free sex in S-hertogenbosch ca interim I will try to get my money. Terrible scam and rip-off. I tried to cancel my membership before the renewal date, but the "contract" requires you cancel before 7 elite singles reviews 2017 uk from expiration date otherwise your cancellation is void. Not only that, said elite singles reviews 2017 uk months renewal was way more expensive than the first term GBP against GBP which is something that should be stated clearly in a separate clause.

German companies are terrible scammers under this respect, years ago I had similar problems with a Munich company called Internations. Finally, their website sucks, it's slow and full of glitches. Stay away. All the other reviews people left are accurate. Deleting my account was easy Reason being: Came across a profile that seamed suspicious. The profile name was Susan, 36, attractive blonde, blue eyes supposedly in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To be expected I never received a response. So I did a reverse image look up and that came back clean.

Elite singles reviews 2017 uk

Then I researched the phone number. The phone number had very little info attached to it. The phone number was an Arizona number, not Colorado, ok, odd but possible. Belonged to a person 29years old, umm Red flag! So I called the elite singles reviews 2017 uk. The entire 1min call I heard nothing but constant typing. So I laid into who ever was on the other end and hung up. Before blocking the number from that phone Elie replied with a text that read: Scottsdale, Arizona.

Immediately following those events is when it became clear that I wanted nothing to singkes with the site. End result being contacting support was unsuccessful. This has me a little concerned because not only was I almost scammed but the scammer could very well be connected or associated directly eingles EliteSingles.

Here is the phone number and info attached to it. The number is Bad, horrible I experienced as. And of course, I claimed for elite singles reviews 2017 uk money after 5 days and nope! They wrote to me trying to convince me to pass my subscription to elite singles reviews 2017 uk user if I wanted my money. How can I recommend this place to anyone?

Below we have listed 10 of the biggest dating websites in the UK and how much they each cost a month to Website: Bottom line. If you're dating in the UK and trying to find a well-educated professional, Elite Singles would be a perfect fit for you. The site truly. Elite Singles or dodgy singles? Get what you pay for. Read all about it before signing up.

I told them: I am not going to do. I have principles, you dont! I joined in April for 6 elite singles reviews 2017 uk. I ku given up after 3 months and am happy to forgo the rest of my money. The site is very clunky and cumbersome. There is no way to search for members you just have to wait for Elite to send matches.

These can be anywhere in the country as there is no way to make the distance less than 50 miles. I don't particularly want to travel far as I have work and elite singles reviews 2017 uk nearby, in this respect I have only had a maximum of 15 matches within a 20 mile radius in 3 months.

They offer a few random matches in the 'have you met' feature.

This is a total waste of time as I am a non-smoker and smoking is a non-negotiable for me but they send me smokers in this area. My reason for leaving today is that a few days ago I was contacted by someone who appeared nice but have since found out is a scammer.

Luckily I am not daft and E,ite have my wits about me so alarm bells rang when 'he' sent me a photo that was definitely too 'casually posed' I was also elite singles reviews 2017 uk after 2 days of a few texts that 'he' was finding it difficult to work because he was thinking about me too much!!!! I mean really???? I am a 60 year old grandmother as elite singles reviews 2017 uk I am going to fall for something so ridiculous.

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So I called 'him' out on it - was I going to be asked for money to get back from Saudi, where apparently he was 'working' designing and building oil rigs or was I going to be asked for money because a member of his family is ill? Suddenly he has disappeared from the site and is not answering texts and calls. So elite singles reviews 2017 uk ladies out there please be careful Elite promise security new windsor NY housewives personals safety but they did no checks on me when I joined so I could have been anybody.

Don't waste your money dear friends.