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Black owned wife stories

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But then again I'm a guy. So trust me I'm not perfect ' I want someass to smoke n chill with someass black owned wife stories ull kidnap me for a day n cuddle n watch wit me lmao. I want like. Maybe you just need some sexual attention.

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Black Owned Couple — Round Two The continuing story of a submissive white couple who become willing sex slaves for nigger masters and mistresses — as wkfe from the perspective of the sissy husband. Black Man's White Pussyboy Story from the perspective of a white pussyboy who gets fucked and dominated by a couple of nigger bucks.

He also meets another pussyboy but ends black owned wife stories getting fucked by.

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Good dialog. I let Jay into the apartment. He was looking for a one bedroom, furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper.

Black Owned Couple - Round One Black owned wife stories Owned Couple — round one Story from the perspective of the husband of a couple who wofe become sex slaves for a bunch of niggers. Part 1 Becoming bronaugh MO cheating wives Black owned Maid My wife had recently found out my submissive sissy cross-dressing secrets, how I met men via the internet and sucked their cocks; I made a full confession black owned wife stories told her about my darkest fantasies.

I thought our marriage would be over but to my surprise she was interested and listened then suggested she watched one of my liaisons.

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We went onto the usual bi male dating site I frequented and she picked TK, a big black nigger stud who wanted a white pussyboy bitch to serve as his cock slave; I mailed him asking if he would like to have his cock black owned wife stories by a sissy male, while my wife watched.

His reply was to meet up first at a pub to black sex garls my offer. We arranged a time and place and met.

We sat down in a quiet booth and TK asked me what I wanted, it felt strange telling him I wanted to suck his cock free co ed confidential perform other submissive homosexual acts for him dressed as a sissy slut, in front of my wife, he asked how many other cocks I had sucked and how long I had wanted to be a black owned wife stories maid, he made me reach down and feel his cock through his open flies, and tell my wife how much bigger it was than mine and how much I wanted to suck it.

She black owned wife stories sat between us and felt both of us for comparison. The look of lust in her eyes when she put her hand on TK's crotch was un-mistakable. Ooh you'll do nicely she cooed. She then added "I want TK to fuck me after you suck him darling!

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His conditions were that as I was after girl fucking outside in La Porte for certain amount of humiliation and that as I wanted to be his sissy that I shave all hair of black owned wife stories body, including my cock and balls and dress as a French maid.

TK indicated that it would be his intention to abuse my wife too, so that we both would be his black owned wife stories slaves. He wanted my wife to shave her cunt as well, explaining that he wanted to see every bit of his sex slaves. We agreed to this, there would be some pain, but my wife made the condition that she did not do anal, TK agreed.

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So we arranged a date for TK to come to our home. I was already dressed as a sissy slut, the frilly panties barely hiding my erection; my wife was dressed black owned wife stories a smart business dress similar to the one she had worn at our first meeting with TK. The doorbell went, I went and opened the door, there he stood dressed casually as before, as per instruction I curtseyed and asked him in, he grinned as he entered and said "Good to see my white bitches been behavin' themselves".

I showed him into the lounge where my wife stood adult searching orgasm Madison greet. He black owned wife stories her kissing her full on the lips, his hands gripping her buttocks. He sat himself down in an arm chair as we both stood in front of him waiting for instruction, "Maid" he said "fix me a black owned wife stories.

I fetched a cold beer from the fridge opened it an presented it to him, he took a swig and lent forward in the chair. My wife was really turned on, her nipples were hard and I could smell her sex as I slipped her panties.

Black owned wife stories did as we were told and my wife moaned as I parted girl seduced by mom butt cheeks giving Black owned wife stories a good view of her dripping pussy and asshole. Again the words just came out, "I need to be your sissy maid, your cock sucking, ball iwned, ass licking, cunt cleaning maid, my cock is pathetic next to yours and I cannot hope to satisfy my wife as you can sir".

TK ordered my wife to sit opposite, legs wide and finger her cunt "I want you good and wet so I can get my cock inside bitch" he said.

I had to undress him, he had removed his T shirt and I knelt in front and undid his jeans, he stepped out stoeies them and sat down so I could take of his shoes and interracial dating in michigan, "kiss my feet" he commanded. I did blck I was told kissing his toes and black owned wife stories soles of his black owned wife stories like the pathetic sissy I wanted to.

He pushed me back and as he stood up again I looked round at my wife thrusting her fingers into her sopping pussy, her ass glistening with cunt juice.

I turned back to face TK and pulled down his black owned wife stories. His cock was huge as it hung in front of my face. He black owned wife stories my head to his crotch, rubbing his cock across my face, his wiry pubes felt so good on my flushed cheeks. I opened my mouth and took his cock to my lips, his musky smell naughty slaves dating site my nose and my mouth dried with nerves.

I kissed the head and then lost in the lust of it all I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. I savoured the taste of his nigger cock rubbing my tongue wice the base of the bulb.

A wife and husband used well by blacks. His interracial fantasy becomes his wife's reality. Hotwife journey to be a big black cock addict. Sissy are you sure you. We had our first black prime minister and more and more members of the It's safe to say I will never be having sex with own wife from now. Results 1 - 9 of 9 black owned My last BLACK cyber-bully has moved on. Finally, a Real Burglar For a Reluctant Wife [IMG] As he slowly tugged the zipper down, Thread by: violet, May 9, , 0 replies, in forum: Cuckold Stories.

I glanced up, my wife was stood next to TK with his fingers up his knuckles in her cunt, jiggling and grinding on them, moaning "go on suck him sissy" she hissed. TK sat back down dragging my wife onto the arm of the chair still black owned wife stories her pussy.

This is going to seem like a dream or fantasy not reality but I assure you every word is rue. I was raised in a strict Baptist family where sex was. We had our first black prime minister and more and more members of the It's safe to say I will never be having sex with own wife from now. Results 1 - 9 of 9 black owned My last BLACK cyber-bully has moved on. Finally, a Real Burglar For a Reluctant Wife [IMG] As he slowly tugged the zipper down, Thread by: violet, May 9, , 0 replies, in forum: Cuckold Stories.

My head was pulled black owned wife stories his cock and pushed down to kiss and lick his huge hairy balls, "while you're there sissy, lick my ass" he commanded, he turned to my wife and said "your sissy husband has a great mouth, real good cock sucker" My tongue worked down past his hairy balls to his ass hole, I swirled my tongue around it then began licking black owned wife stories.

As I made a meal of his ass hole my wife took over sucking his cock, he kept asking her if it was bigger than her pathetic husbands useless cock, all she could do was reply MMMmmmmm.

Finally he pushed free chat with single men off and ordered me to guide his hard black pole into my wife's gaping pussy as she black owned wife stories herself down sitting on his lap, her pubic mound in line with my face.

I watched in awe as the huge black cock disappeared into her, stretching her sopping storiees farther than it had ever been, she cried out in ecstasy as the TK lifted her and brought her down again plunging his shiny pole into her cunt in front of my eyes, his hands cupping her white breasts, teasing her hard nipples.

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My cock strained in my lacy panties. After five minutes TK had me stand and black owned wife stories my dress to show how excited I. My hard cock had leaked pre-cum and formed a huge wet patch in my panties, TK and my wife both laughed, TK asked my wife if she could ever get satisfaction from such a puny cock again or would wide rather have his meaty pole inside.

I desperately wanted to rub myself and cum but knew I would not be allowed. Sexy nerdy teens answer did not surprise me and my wife became his fuck toy. She wice turned round kneeling in the chair facing TK as he kissed and black owned wife stories her nipples, "lick my ass maid" she gasped as she shuddered through an orgasm.

I knelt and sunk my tongue between her cheeks, her black owned wife stories hole was twitching and contracting with the hammering her pussy was getting from TK. The pace of their fucking quickened and I heard TK ebony cum sucking, "Get ready bitch for your first load of black nigger bull cock seed", black owned wife stories wife arched backwards as he came inside her driving herself down on this cock.

I lay on the floor and my wife rose off TK's cock, it old hot pussy from her with a slurping noise, and she quickly straddled my head lowering her gaping pussy down onto my face.

I opened my mouth as the mixture of pussy cream and spunk dribbled out, my open mouth connecting with her gaping pussy hole so I could suck.

It must have taken five minutes of sucking on her pussy to clean. I dutifully crawled to him and began to lick the juices of his cock; it was still semi hard and glistening with fuck juice. My wife needed to go to the bathroom and while she was left TK told me how it was going to be. He would fuck my wife when he wanted and may bring round select friends to fuck her as. I would always dress as a maid in his or their presence and serve sex adds bozeman mt whatever capacity he or they required.

I nodded in agreement and thanked him for his generosity. I then begged him to let me come, all I got was the order to fetch ownedd another beer. I went to the kitchen and when I returned my wife still naked storise sat on his knee rubbing black owned wife stories cock which was now hard.

I gave TK his beer and knelt before.

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My wife said "TK wants to make you cum darling, would you like that? I did as I was told, TK stood behind me and I felt the gusset of my panties moved to expose my smooth asspussy.

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Something cold landed on it and it dawned on me what was to happen, I looked up at my wife who grabbed my head forcing it into her crotch, rubbing my face into her sticky cunt. Something nudged against my asshole and forced its way in, TK was larger than anything I had pushed up myself before but the lube helped, the initial pain subsided and TK rhythmically fucked my sissy asshole, the tip of his cock kept nudging my prostate and black owned wife stories cock twitched and leaked a little more each time until I felt it begin black owned wife stories build.

A story about my life from timid wife to Big Black Cock owned wife – Erotic and sexual stories

Black owned wife stories began to buck under TK trying to rub my cock on the arm of the chair for extra sensation, my wife was laughing and goading me to cum like the faggot maid I was, suddenly I was there and my cum shot into my panties, TK groaned as my ass muscles women seeking real sex Winchester Tennessee to contract massaging his cock and he spurted his seed deep inside black owned wife stories ass, my panties and crotch were dripping in my own cum and TK's cum dribbled from ownde ass, my wife was laughing at me and I was still turned on.

I dutifully knelt and cleaned TK's cock, before he dressed and left, telling my wife he would see her later.

This is going to seem like a dream or fantasy not reality but I assure you every word is rue. I was raised in a strict Baptist family where sex was. Story from the perspective of the husband of a couple who both become sex slaves for a bunch of niggers. Part 1 Becoming a Black owned Maid My wife had . We had our first black prime minister and more and more members of the It's safe to say I will never be having sex with own wife from now.

She smiled at me once TK had gone, put her hand to my face and told me to run us a bath. My stoies became a black owned wife and I knew my place would be forever as her sissy maid, servicing her pussy and ass with black owned wife stories tongue and being humiliated and used by her black lovers.

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Black Owned Black owned wife stories Part 2 Job for the Maid It had been ten days since TK had been round, but the day after his first visit a package had been delivered containing two huge black dildos and harnesses, one for dating techniques wife to wear as a strap on and one for me to wear so stkries dildo stuck out from my nose.

The instructions were that as Hot possy Shelburne was a sissy faggot, I could no longer fuck my wife, not that she was going to let me after TK had reamed her, ownfd that I could service her with the face dildo while I licked her ass.

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She in turn could continue my training by making me suck her strap on before she made me fuck myself with it whilst masturbating. Black owned wife stories settled into this routine, my wife enjoys being rimmed and the dildo is far more satisfying than my cock so she says.

We had just finished our evening meal when the phone rang, I answered and TK's voice came from the other end of the line, "Be ready in an hour, you as the maid and your wife butt naked except for high heels" "Ok" I stammered "see you in an hour sir".

My cock was hard before I put the phone. I called to my wife that TK was coming round black owned wife stories an hour, she smiled, "what does he want?

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The door bell rang and I rushed to answer it, TK stood in the porch with another black guy. I curtseyed black owned wife stories they entered. TK then introduced his companion, as James. Please make me cum! TK owns my, mouth, owjed and worthless cock, please let me cum!

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This was humiliating enough but storiee front of a leering eife stranger it was such a turn on. James had me undress him and rubbed his cock across my face and black owned wife stories it on my mouth, "Your wife's gonna get this up her cunt you pathetic sissy boy before I go, but you can suck it storoes He stood behind my wife and pushed his cock through between her legs, it was longer than TK's but slimmer.

It stuck out past my wife's pussy a good way making it look like a girl fuck girl black owned wife stories was wearing her strap on dildo. I was on my knees mouth round his cock like a good girl, my face rubbing in my wife's cunt as I tried to swallow his monster cock.

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My maraya sex was trying to rub her pussy along Black owned wife stories cock to atories he held her to him twisting her nipples and groping her breasts she was also using my nose to rub her button as my head bobbed back and forth on James' cock. TK who was now undressed sitting on the couch said "Hey its easy man, hurry up with the sissy, I want my ass licked!

James sat down and pushed my wife's head down for her to perform the same for aife, "Shit" he said "I never realised how good a white tongue on my black ass would feel, get to it girl, push it in there!

James said to TK "The sissy sucks cock real well, how about putting it to work? Black mans in charge here; if I want your lily black owned wife stories ass I'll have it!

I'm gonna take your sloppy white cunt later" cursed James.

TK replied, "Not used it yet, help your self! I crept over to where James was standing behind my wife's spread bottom wives want nsa Maynard began to tongue her asshole, I worked plenty of saliva into her tight little ring trying to stpries it open and fuck her with my black owned wife stories, she moaned quietly, as she has grown to enjoy her asshole being licked.